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Hosted by Emily Jashinsky and The Federalist’s team of fearless journalists, this is a daily podcast featuring engaging and in-depth conversations with reporters, scholars, authors, politicians, and thinkers of all stripes. Along with guest hosts Mollie Hemingway, Christopher Bedford, Joy Pullmann, and others, the show delivers smart and compelling dialogues on politics, culture, religion, and the news of the day. Support the show by subscribing, rating, and writing a review! Follow Federali ...
Retirement can be a tricky affair these days for many. It may be even trickier for Federal and Postal employees. According to Elizabeth Inman, ChFEBC, a nationally recognized Federal Benefits Educator, Author, Speaker, and Federal Retirement Specialist, who retired from the USPS with over 23 years of Federal service, "Without a proper understanding of the options and the landmines, it’s easy to make some well-meaning yet costly mistakes when you retire as a Federal or Postal employee. These ...
Federal Sense

Federal Sense

Friendly HR Guy

Welcome to Federal Sense, a podcast aimed at helping supervisors with those challenges unique to the federal government. New supervisors, experienced supervisors, or someday supervisors, I think you can get something from this podcast. As an HR guy I spend most of my day answering questions from supervisors who think the answer should be common sense, but you need more than common sense, you need Federal Sense. Each episode I give my opinion on the best way to handle real world issues superv ...
Federal Drive with Tom Temin

Federal Drive with Tom Temin

Federal News Network | Hubbard Radio

When he's not tooling around the National Capital region on his motorcycle, Tom Temin interviews federal executives and government contractors who provide analysis and insight on the many critical issues facing the Executive branch. The Federal Drive is found at FederalNewsNetwork.com and 1500 AM in the Washington D.C. region.
Federal retirement expert, Chris Kowalik, empowers federal employees to make confident decisions as they plan for the days when they no longer have to work. Chris' candid and straightforward nature allows employees to get the answers they need, and to understand the impact these decisions have on their retirement.
A discussion about the need to revise the Constitution and what that might look like. It's both a thought experiment and a lecture hoping to spark a conversation that the country desperately needs. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/federalist-20/support
This audio broadcast series provides commentary by authors and others on important new books and works of legal scholarship. As always, the Federalist Society takes no position on particular legal or public policy issues; all expressions of opinion are those of the speaker. We hope these broadcasts, like all of our programming, will serve to stimulate discussion and further exchange on the topics they address.
This podcast will consist of a breakdown and analysis of fundamental American principles and values, through the use of the federalist papers and other historical documents. The endeavor of this podcast is to be used by Americans throughout the nation to educate and better comprehend the philosophy and concepts behind our Constitution and the ideals therein.
Federal Workers Compensation Coffee Break Podcast is about all things related to Federal Workers Compensation, FECA, OWCP, DOL & Longshore claim filing as an injured federal worker. The podcast is an educational and informative training on how to navigate the OWCP claims filing process for all types of injured US government and federal workers. The podcaster has 26 years in assisting with federal workers compensation as a consultant and trainer. The podcast is free and is educational. If you ...
The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. This podcast feed contains audio files of Federalist Society panel discussions ...
In order to promote the ratification of the United States Constitution in the late 1780s, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Hay wrote a series of 85 articles and essays explaining their reasons to support the constitution. Most of these articles were published in The Independent Journal and The New York Packet and they later became known as “The Federalist Papers.” In reading the articles, one will encounter very interesting issues like Hamilton’s opposition to including the Bill of ...
Join Tony Beyer, Financial Literacy Coordinator with Altra Federal Credit Union as he interviews various guests, diving into important topics (more than just finances!) with one goal in mind: to help you live your best life! We love to hear from our listeners: message us at tjbeyer@altra.org with questions, comments, and ideas for future episodes.
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(12/5/22) - In today's Federal Newscast: The Evil Twins are on the House calendar for the first time for a possible first-ever vote. With a $10 billion ceiling, a solicitation is out for one of the most anticipated IT services contracts of the year. And a 2022 IRS watchdog investigation leads to 26 firings and much more.…
This week we look at: IRA 2022 prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirement guidance issued by the IRS Taxpayers denied partnership loss due to a large number of issues, many of which were enough standing alone to deny the loss entirely An audio version of this week’s broadcast can be downloaded or streamed below A PDF with articles for this week…
(12/2/22) - In today's Federal Newscast: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gets high marks for its cybersecurity program. Watchdogs say mistakes and fraud led to telehealth overbilling during the pandemic. And DoD wants to know if the kids are doing all right.Kirjoittanut Eric White and Tom Temin
Two former U.S. Patent and Trademark Office directors -- one from the Obama administration and one from the Trump administration -- recently formed a coalition. Its aim is to protect U.S. intellectual property, particularly from theft by China. They've got ideas for what Congress ought to do. Federal Drive host Tom Temin talked with the one of the …
Free Copy of My Book: Building Wealth In the TSP: Your Road Map To Financial Freedom as A Federal Employee: https://app.hawsfederaladvisors.com/free-tsp-e-book FREE WEBINAR: "The 7 Biggest FERS Retirement Mistakes": https://app.hawsfederaladvisors.com/7biggestmistakeswebinar Want to schedule a consultation? Click here: https://hawsfederaladvisors.c…
Shirley Collier, Host of the Growth Masters Federal Podcast and President of Scale2Market discusses with Cherylyn Harley LeBon, Partner at law firm Dunlap, Bennett and Ludwig the forms, rules and practices that make some teams very successful in the complex, highly regulated federal market.
While most of the country focused on the elections, one of the most important and widely underappreciated documents to emerge from any White House was released, the 2022 National Security Strategy. Join Steve Ellis and TCS National Security Expert Wendy Jordan for a budget watchdog’s take on President Biden's national security vision.…
Federal retirement expert, Chris Kowalik, talks about three areas where federal employees need to pay special attention to when they’re requesting and reviewing the retirement estimate from their agency: ACCURATE: are the numbers right? COMPLETE: are all the numbers and options there (even just for your federal benefits)? ENOUGH: is the information…
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