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GA Baptist Discipleship

GA Baptist Discipleship

Georgia Baptist Mission Board

This podcast exists to strengthen churches by resourcing, inspiring, and creating disciple-makers! Discipleship is a life-long process by which a follower of Jesus Christ grows toward Christ-likeness and multiplies the experience. Each week we will broadcast new episodes relevant to your ministry and replicating discipleship.
The Discipleship Parenting podcast is not Christian parenting tips. It's diving into the Bible, applying it to our lives, and learning how to live it out and pass it on to our children. As parents, our kids hear what we say, but, more importantly, they see what we do. In today's world, more than ever, our children need us to show them the true life and adventure found in following Jesus.
DLFellowship is a Christ-centered podcast focused on helping all people fulfill their calling as kingdom disciples. We will discuss our personal struggles, lessons learned as ministers, and apply biblical truth to real world scenarios. To support our ministry, subscribe to our social media @dlfellowship. To donate to ministry, feel free to send donations to our Cashapp handle: $JLTJ Thanks for your support and may Christ be with you!
Scott Ross has been discipling men and women for more than 20 years. His passion is to see people grow into the full measure of the maturity of Christ. (Eph 4:13) In this Discipleship podcast you will learn how to study the Bible, defend your faith, learn core doctrine, and answer your theological and religious questions.
Discipleship Conversations

Discipleship Conversations

Jeremy Hoover and Steven Carrizal

This is a podcast featuring discipleship conversations between Jeremy Hoover and Steven Carrizal. We believe that discipleship, in its most simple form, is about following Jesus within the Kingdom vision of the biblical narrative. In these conversations, we reflect with more detail on that journey. Your co-hosts are Jeremy Hoover and Steven Carrizal. Jeremy is focused on a discipleship-oriented church plant in Sarnia, Ontario, and Steven concentrates on discipleship and spiritual formation i ...
Hello Thrivers ! Welcome to the Discipleship Matters Podcast! This podcast is an open platform to our listeners to talk about life and how discipleship flows into the rhythms of it. The Great Commission is a believer‘s charge to make disciples of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives. We are to continue sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to bring glory to God while becoming fruitful disciples. Discipleship flows in every aspect of life, and it should be led by the Holy Spirit in love. We will d ...
I recently found the Lord. Every week I do a discipleship Bible study, and every week I find myself getting closer to the lord. All I want to do is talk about it. So I decided to start a podcast. I’ll tell you verses that we learn every week, discuss what it means to me and pray to the wonderful Lord in heaven. My thinking is more people who listen the more people who will listen to the word and be saved. So if this helps you share to others you’d like to help. We are supposed to spread the ...
Interview guests share from-the-trenches examples of implementing a clear discipleship pathway in their churches. A stages of faith approach to discipleship, with practical tips for church leaders to ensure that their people don't get stuck, but continue growing deeper in love with Jesus and to more selflessly love others.
Have a heart for discipleship? Need guidance and wisdom on what it looks like in a post-Christian culture? You're not alone. Join pastor Oliver Hersey, as he hosts relevant and thoughtful conversations with seasoned ministry practitioners on how to make disciples and build communities that transform lives. Email the podcast at discipleship@smallgroups.com.
Listen to this exciting teaching series outlining in practical ways what discipleship is all about. Discipleship can't be reduced to being "Christian," doing churchy things, or even learning theology. Discipleship is a transformative journey of responding to the invitation of Jesus to follow him in his mission to save the world. Featuring teaching by Pastor Benjamin Spalink, Norm Viss, James Cernero and others. Recorded live at the City Grace Summer Breakout Sessions in the East Village, NYC ...
Lessons from the book of Luke ... with a focus on how the great Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus) developed ordinary working people into world-changers. Disciples are apprentices ... tune in to learn how ordinary folks can serve in God's workshop at the feet of the Rabbi and learn to grow stronger and more spiritually mature.
Thanks for checking out Pastor Jason’s Discipleship Podcast, where he shares his thoughts, and insight on how to genuinely follow Christ in the most deep and meaningful way, and lead others to do the same! Jason is Lead Pastor of Ignite Church in Greenville, NC and their mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
The Evangelism and Discipleship team want to start conversations about the issues the church faces as it seeks to be a a mixed ecology church of missional disciples, growing younger and more diverse. Hear stories of leaders innovating and learning, resourcing and enabling, so that you can be inspired, challenged or even provoked!
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Episode 469 - Show Notes God has promised to meet ALL of our needs. Not just our financial needs. There are things you need that are more valuable than money and possessions. You have spiritual needs, relationship needs, and the need for physical, mental, and emotional health. But God has promised to meet them all. Let’s walk through this promise t…
2022 Prayer and Challenge My prayer and challenge is that you become the person you are meant to be on the earth in 2022. Don’t go through life stuck in a job or career that God did not intend for you. Follow your dreams, passions and fulfill your destiny on the earth. Contact me if you need prayer, guidance and wisdom to become the person you are …
Listen in to this fun conversation with Micah Lewis and Kyle Mott from River City Community Church in Wichita, KS. They share stories and wisdom about creating a network of house churches while working full-time in other jobs. You can reach Micah or Kyle in the following ways: https://www.facebook.com/rivercitycommunity Kyle - kjmott@gmail.com Mica…
This is the week of Thanksgiving 2021 and we have so many things to be thankful for. But is thanksgiving a once a year celebration or should it be a way of life? Thanksgiving should be on our lips at all times because God is always so good. I pray that you enjoy episode 4 on Discipleship Matters on "A lifestyle of Thanksgiving." Let's Go!!!!…
First of all, we’re so thankful for you, our listener and partner. So, what are you thankful for? As we pause to reflect on God’s faithfulness, do we get hung up on what isn’t right in our lives? Or, do we wear a lens of gratitude and thankfulness? Do we give in to the gratitude destroyers or are we purposeful to understand our interdependence on G…
Let's try to reimagine what our families might look like as we live as Christians in a world that is walking in darkness. Too often we slide into the pattern shown us by the world - a life that makes very little sense biblically. Instead, let's follow Jesus and live the life He calls us to walk.Kirjoittanut Chosen Gen Discipleship
In the last episode of our series, we discuss what maturation is and why it’s critical in the process.We pray you are blessed, like and share this episode!For more life-enriching content, subscribe to our channels on other social media you enjoy.Live Stream 👇🏾👇🏽Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dlfellowshipInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dlfe…
On the tenth episode of the Family Discipleship Podcast Cassie and Chelsea are joined by Caroline Smiley, a theologian and a mother. Cassie, Chelsea, and Caroline talk about the theology of parenting and leading kids. Questions we discussed on this episode: How has studying and learning enriched parenthood for you? How has being a mother affected y…
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