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The Jamaican Dadz Podcast is an hour-long media production which aims to elevate of the standard of conversation about men, boys and masculinity so that we may become better fathers, husbands, coworkers, friends and people in general.It provides a safe space for men to explore a wide range of topics which are important to them.
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In the main discussion we describe our relationships with our fathers and how that has shaped us as parents. We delved into whether fathers are a point of departure for their sons and how much of our fathers we see in ourselves. Other areas covered include the changing view of fathers and fatherhood in Jamaica and why the shift has occurred. "Fresh…
This is the first episode in our first season of the Jamaican Dadz Podcast. Here we outline the concept of the show, discuss what the phrase "dadz" means in Jamaica and open up about some of our fatherhood experiences and the impact on us. We invite you to interact with us: Email: jamaicandadzpodcast@gmail.com http://facebook.com/jamaicandadz http:…
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