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The Planass

The Planass

Planass Podcasters

'Planass' is a Trini term which describes being hit with the flat side of a machete as opposed to its sharp edge. One thing it most certainly does is get your attention. Join DJ Baldhead, Dan-Yell and Nacho Man as they stumble through popular topics aided by some premium alcohol to produce entertaining and lively discussions that are sure to planass your brain.
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Episode 6 continues our recordings from quarantine and features Baba Ji. With a background in healthcare, sports, music and foil, Baba joins in this discussion as among general nonsense, we address: A Pandemic in the Age of Too Much Information Pharma and Antibiotic Culture in Trinidad The Upsides (and downs) to a Post Covid Trinidad (and World).…
Does religion fix problems for mankind or create them. On the one hand you have the inculcation of principles, morals and ethics that make up fabric of society but on the other hand history shows so many wars and atrocities carried out against humanity in the name of religion. Can following one religion rather than another determine how you are jud…
Could a virus like the current Coronavirus actually be beneficial to the world? The possibility of this was discussed against the background of overpopulation and destruction of the environment. The drink of choice this time around is Pisco which is made in Chile and Peru. This particular one was the Mistral Grand Nobel Grand Reserva from Chile. It…
Sipping: Botran Solera 1893. Rum. Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala /Guatemala Discussing: Our gaming histories in Trinidad: 1980's to now On "retro" games today Online gaming and communities eSports Our favourite games (that we remembered anyway) Snacking: Scorpion Cheese. Calveley Mill/Holland **Correction: Nacho got an Atari 2600 around 1989 (la…
Sipping: Talisker Dark Storm. Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Talisker Distillery/Isle of Skye Discussing: The Great Hack (Netflix, 2019) Data mining in the style of Cambridge Analytica SCL and the Trinidad & Tobago General Election The true cost of "free" social media Snacking: Olé Chia & Flaxseed. Sunshine Snacks/Trinidad & Tobago Communicate: planass…
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