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Who doesn't to like to eat deliciously, healthily, and at the best price? This time, Fermin takes us to the organic market in the town of Coin in the province of Malaga, Spain, which is promoted by the producers and consumers of a renowned non-profit organization.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe other shooter
Although grammatically correct in Spanish, saying "Has olvidado las llaves" ["You've forgotten your keys"] to someone implies that he or she has done so on purpose! This four-part lesson from El Aula Azul is dedicated to the "no fault se construction" that is more commonly used to describe such unintentional circumstances.…
Despite a lot of recent, negative publicity surrounding Venezuela's political and economic crises, there are many wonderful things about this country and its capital city of Caracas. Join our host, Victor Diaz, as he shows us one of its iconic sites, Plaza Francia and its obelisk.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe other shooter
Let's listen to a couple of examples of flash fiction stories to better understand what this literary genre is all about. Entitled "Destino" [Fate] and "Soñando despierta" [Daydreaming], both pieces received awards at prestigious international flash fiction contests.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe other shooter
The Promenade des Anglais is Nice's most famous and beautiful avenue. Sadly, its reputation was tarnished by a 2016 tragedy that left 80 pedestrians dead. As a result, safety barriers have been installed to prevent this from happening again.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe other shooter
Daniela uses the lesson's final segment to highlight the differences between infatti [in fact, indeed] and in effetti [in fact, in effect, effectively]. She also draws distinctions between the expression in effetti and the word effetto.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe other shooter
Daniel shows us two historic landmarks in the town of Sceaux: the Saint John the Baptist Church, which contains many valuable artifacts, and the Félibres Garden, which is named after the Félibrige literary movement. He starts out his tour at a former railway station that is now the town's market hall.…
What's the difference between infatti and in effetti? It's easy to confuse them, and as a matter of fact, we often translate both with "in fact" or "actually." Daniela explains the difference and gives us a long list of synonyms you may also hear Italians use.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe other shooter
The village of Liverdun has an interesting fountain with a huge underground reservoir that collects water from the nearby Moselle River. In the Middle Ages, people used the religious statues on the village's street corners to orient themselves.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe other shooter
Could you point to the Rhineland on a map of Germany? Since when has the area officially been Rhineland-Palatinate? And why do tourists flock to it? In this video, you can learn all about the geography, demographics, and landscape of this federal state.Kirjoittanut Yabla Europe shot by Alex
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