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The Radio Disclosure Radio Show is focused on a wide area of subjects that range from UFO's Ghosts, The Paranormal, Hauntings, government coverups, medicine, business, industry and fraud. From the latest reported government cover up, alien abductions, medical problems, social problems, and the latest in the world of phenomenon. Radio Disclosure uncovers the facts and asks the questions that conventional mainstream media refuses to disclose. Radio Disclosure is hosted by Ted Randall and Matt ...
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A government agent that we will call Will, speaks out about the Bigfoot that they have in captivity. Will tells the story about how they captured the Bigfoot. In addition, we discussed several things about the Bigfoot race.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
David Anderson known is the “only real time traveler on earth” talks to us about the upcoming problems here on planet earth. He says the new world order is coming! In addition, we discuss his current mission and some of his past missions.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Glenn Steckling has been doing UFO research and investigation four over a half century with his family. In this show we cover everything from the types of ETs and other life. The Disinformation in the UFO community is a big deal with him.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Preston Dennett began researching UFOs and the paranormal in 1986. Since then, he has written dozens of books and more than 100 articles about UFOs and the paranormal.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Wilson County, TN school system violates the due process of a family regarding the school’s own policies. Child and Parents decides not to return to school to not transmit COVID-19 to family.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Is Joe Biden's COVID executive order constitutional? We discussed that with law maker Tim Rudd, from Tennessee. We also discuss why people want to be vaccinated as well as not vaccinated, in addition we discuss how accurate the current COVID tests are.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
PIMP (Paranormal Investigators of Middle Pennsylvania) Jason & Jason talk about ghosts scratching them on the back, and their investigations of West Virginia Penitentiary, William Penn High School and much more!Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Kimberly O'Connor, joins us on Radio Disclosure. Kimberly is a paranormal investigator and an alien abductee. She tells her story of losing several pregnancies, these infants were taken by the extraterrestrials.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Steve Ward is from central Michigan and joins us on Radio Disclosure. Steve also does a show himself called "High Strangeness Factor". I would have to say that pretty much sums up our show. Steve is a researcher on Mothman, Bigfoot, and UFOs.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Sheila Seppi joins us on Radio Disclosure. She is an author, teacher, healer, speaker, QHHT regression therapist, and multidimensional life coach. She talks about the afterlife and what a soul is and the different kinds of souls.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Samsung refrigerator owners frustrated with ice makers freezing over. We talk with people from the Face Book Group “SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR RECALL U.S.A. NOW.” We also talk with Tom O’Shea, Tom is a 40 year veteran in the field of refrigeration.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Home warranty companies pledge to protect you from expensive, unforeseen repair bills and give you peace of mind when something goes wrong with your home appliances and systems. However, you can’t always count on their promises.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Trey Smith joins us covers a wide range of topics from evolution, demonic entities, UFOs in the Bible to, the Nehalem to, strange creatures being in someone's room at night. We also cover one of his latest political videos on Trump.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Lee Austin, joins us on Radio Disclosure, an American broadcaster and author of “MORNING STAR'S TALE.” We cover the topics of flat earth to how the Bible and Flat Earth Theory complement each other, to how the moon worksKirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Ron Halliday joins us. Ron talks about many UFO and ghost Stories that have taken place in Scotland. In addition, Ron talks about watching a psychic medium contacting extraterrestrials.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Reverse speech expert David John Oates gives us the history of reverse speech, and a basic knowledge of reverse speech. David goes over some reversals from Donald Trump. In these Trump says backwards some things about Joe Biden’s inauguration.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Joe Stamey author of Look - Up In The Sky: Aliens, UFOs and Anomalies. Talks about remote viewing and some of the strange effects of our world. Also knows as the Mandela effect.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Ghost Augustine’s Ed Downing talks about St. Augustine's hunted locations. Then we move to Franklin, TN. With Franklin on foot ’s Joe Bamford. He talks about some of the stories that have happened Franklin.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Travis Walton - The Walton experience is unequivocally the best documented case of alien abduction ever recorded. In November of 1975, Travis Walton had an experience that would affect the rest of his life -- an experience that is arguably the most well dKirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Jim Moroney has over 25 years of experience in UFO research and is an accomplished public speaker. A grounded highly proficient professional educator and international speaker, he has captivated audiences with his personal experiences and his insight intKirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Dr. Arthur Bernard author of God Has No Edges, Dreams Have No Boundaries and the dream programming series, Dreams: The Wisdom in Sleep, Dr. Bernard is a pioneer in the field of dream work. He’s been a clinician, guest lecturer, seminar leader and mediaKirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Nashville Physician Dr. Bailey relates the story of a UFO in Orlinda Tennessee that he investigated. The story he tells involves a UFO sighting along with an encounter at the location with a non human.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Emmy Winning Science reporter Linda Moulton Howe in an exclusive interview with Ted Randall talks about her beginnings as a professional reporter reporting on the unexplained.Kirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
Emmy award winning science reporter Linda Moulton Howe with her current report on Radio Disclosure. A 300-foot-long, silent, triangle-shaped aircraft was seen by Challis, Idaho, hunters close to their camp trailer around 9:15 PM on September 27, 2000. ThKirjoittanut Radio Disclosure
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