Truth Wanted 04.29 07-30-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Nate Smith


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In today’s episode of the Truth Wanted! Objectively Dan is joined by Nate Smith from our sister show, Secular Sexuality. We’re so happy to have you here this week, Nate! Mark from Oregon is first up to discuss growing up gay and Pentecostal in the 70s. As an atheist, he realizes how sheltered his Christian faith kept him. He now lives his life free from religion and we’re happy to hear that. Thanks for sharing your story, Mark! Brandon in Texas recently lost his Christian faith and now feels the frustrations of unpacking childhood indoctrination. Is it any different than brainwashing? We tend to think it’s just a distinction without a difference and promote freedom of thought for all. Why do Christians often deny scientific facts? Vincent in England can’t wrap his head around the cognitive dissonance within religious communities- and we get it! Unfortunately, many scientific topics have become so politicized and threaten the core of most religious beliefs. Keep supporting scientific research. Tymm in Washington is a long-time caller who also grew up in the Pentecostal church and had an interesting realization about his experiences being “slain in the spirit”. Is speaking in tongues just a theater exercise? It may be, and those speaking gibberish in church might not even realize it. Another Mark In Oregon? What are the chances? Even wilder, Mark claims to have had telepathic experiences with UFOs! Unfortunately he’s never managed to capture any of these alien encounters on camera. Keep searching for answers and let us know when you gather some data. That wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our co-host, Nate. Remember to always keep wanting the truth. See you next week!

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