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There are considerable differences between men and women beyond their physical appearance. Gender-based expectations and adherence to societal norms often hold women back from pursuing their full potential. It's time to break free because there are many things women can do. But before anything else, women should make an effort to understand their menstrual cycle and how it impacts their cognitive functions so they can plan their activities around them.

In this episode, Dr. Kylie interviews Dr. Laura DeCesaris; a Functional Medicine Doctor turned coach and health strategist for high-performing women. Dr. Laura helps female entrepreneurs optimize their Mind, Muscle, and Metabolic Health. She trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine and completed her functional medicine certification. A lover of learning, Dr. Laura is currently completing an additional fellowship in Functional Medicine with the Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.

Tune in as Dr. Kylie and Dr. Laura talk about redefining women's health and why women are unique, which is why they need to treat themselves differently.

“I think if we can start to understand that your menstrual cycle is not a bad thing, it's not this annoying part of our life; it's actually a super cool superpower once you understand it.”

- Dr. Laura DeCesaris

In This Episode:

- Who is Dr. Laura DeCesaris, and what does she do?

- Women's health and what women are doing wrong

- What's happening inside a woman's body that makes them unique, and how does the menstrual cycle affect a woman's overall well-being?

- How estrogen and progesterone affect a woman's brain and cognitive functions

- Understanding your menstrual cycles and planning your activities around them for optimal results

- Birth control pills are meant for birth control and not as a cover-up for hormonal imbalances

- Dr. Laura's favorite business tip for female entrepreneurs, why work-life balance is BS, and the ultimate hack for running a successful business

- What would Dr. Laura do if she had to start over?

And more!


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