Overcoming Negative Head Talk with Jen Poulson


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Your view of the world depends upon the filters you form from all your experiences. Think positive, and you begin to see more positive things. Conversely, you tend to attract more of it if you mostly think negative thoughts. So it's important to be wary of negative thoughts. Then make a conscious effort to train yourself over time on how to think.

In today's episode, Dr. Kylie and Jen will discuss three simple techniques for overcoming negative head talk. Get ready to break free and empower others. Discover the ripple effect of true healing.

“That's the power of when we let go of negative head talk. We open ourselves up to more compassion, more ability to let go, more inner peace.”

- Jen Poulson

In This Episode:

- What is negative head talk?

- How our childhood experiences and our perception of those experiences create negative head talk

- What can you do to overcome negative thoughts?

- How to change your narrative even if nobody around you changes

- The ripple effect that comes with true healing

- What does it cost us when we don't heal from the negative head talk?

- How to overcome our negative head talk (discover two phrases that will get you out of the negative head talk quicker than anything)

And more!


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