Finding the Humor in Mom Life (Episode #169) with Megan Whitmer


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Megan Whitmer is a married mom of 5 kids. Megan recently published a book called, Mom Life vs the Everyday Apocalypse. On our podcast this week, we talked with Megan a bit about her book.

When I was reading her book, one of my favorite chapters was called “My Favorite Hallway.” Megan explained to us that there was a hallway in her last house that would cast a layer of shadows as she walked by. The inner most shadow made her think about who she really was in the inside with out the layers of motherhood and expectations from herself and others. She says:

“Sometimes the ideal is not what society tells us, but who we have become as a person, as a soul, as a spirit.”

She went on to explain that she is allergic to most make up. She had to go off make up for a year. It was really hard for her when she would get comments of concern, “are you sick?” She says:

“I’m trying not to care how I look and remember I’m a child of God. Make up does not define me. But I still breakdown sometimes. It’s an up and down struggle. The ideal is not what society tells us, but who we have become as a person, a soul, a spirit. As women trying to make ourselves beautiful to fit the mold, we go through crazy things until we understand about ourselves. Make up is not bad, but there are other things we do that can damage us. It can change our spirit. It is interesting to really look at ourselves and what we do to ourselves. Should we do those things?”

When finding the humor in mom life, Megan looks to a few things to help her look on the bright side:

It could be worse! She plays a game with herself thinking of all the horrible ways the situation could be more awful than it is. For example, if you get an unexpected bill in the mail, maybe you think, “at least my family isn’t infected with tape worms.” Another example, if someone cuts her off on the freeway, she imagines the person has their wife laboring in the back of the car with triplets and they need to rush to the hospital.

Gratitude: find things you are grateful for and focus on the positive

Look back to your ancestors. What hard things have they conquered or gone through? Looking at our family in this way can show us that we are resilient! We can get through tough times.

We love to ask our guests 3 Helpful and Happy Questions on our podcast to get to know our guests a bit better. Our first question was about Megan’s favorite food. She said she loves popovers! We talked about how similar those are to German Pancakes, which we have a delicious recipe for on our blog!

German Pancake Muffins

We also talked a little bit about travel. One of her favorite vacations is going back home to Canada to visit her family there and visit the biggest mall in the world: West Edmonton Mall in Alberta.

Lastly we asked if she had any home hacks, and she told us one of her favorite ones was to chop up and freeze onions and peppers for future use. These can be useful in so many recipes! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use frozen onions and peppers:

Sheet Pan Fajitas

Vegan Veggie Stir Fry

Our Favorite Chicken Apple Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner

Where can we find more from Megan Whitmer:


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Grab Megan’s Book HERE!

Mom Life vs The Everyday Apocalypse

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