What are the best thyroid levels? with Dr. Katie Rothwell


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There are so many questions about thyroid TSH levels today, specifically about its effect on general health. There are a lot of hypotheses on how to treat people with high or low TSH levels. This includes conventional medicine, weight loss, and the naturopathic ways to reverse the issue.

Are we to always base the prognosis on charts? Can we still reverse the disease? These are the questions that are digging into our minds. Let us know why “the results are not always linear”, the relationship of our weight to our thyroid function, and let’s learn “the creative ways to do better” with our thyroid issues.

Joining us is Dr. Katie Rothwell for us to understand more about how to deal, cope with the lab score, and manage thyroid issues.

In this episode, we discuss:

(01:00) Introduction to Dr. Katie Rothwell

(03:11) Question on hyperthyroid - which causes thyroid storm

(05:30) How does someone get their T3 to the optimal range?

(05:50) Dr. Rothwell discusses how to deal with desiccated thyroid

(07:10) Trough levels testing to identify T3’s lowest level

(08:00) The lowest level of T3 discussed

(09:15) Different T3 lab scores discussed after medicine intake

(10:25) Misconception about people with low normal TSH

(12:15) The body is fighting to remain in the status quo

(14:35) One analogy that is partially helpful about TSH

(15:20) Dr. Rothwell shares about her patient with elevated TSH level

(15:45) TSH suppression

(17:20) What risks are you willing to take?

(20:10) What are the creative ways to do better?

(22:30) Not every dose of Vitamin C is safe for all people

(23:45) Who do I trust to teach me this medication?

(25:00) Side effects of medication

(29:35) Hypothyroid Symptoms & Hyperthyroid Symptoms

(30:50) The assumption about if you need your free T3 so high

(31:25) The mindset of having the right amount of dose will solve the problem

(34:00) Making hormones is better than taking hormone

(34:40) The large study in Korea

(35:10) Find ways to reverse the cause of thyroid issues

(37:20) People with no functional thyroid issues feel the worst

(38:10) Experience about the Redmond study on growth hormone

(39:30) The feedback are not always linear

(40:10) Relationship between thyroid and weight

(41:20) Revision of weight will not help the issue but it’s possible now

(42:00) Hopeful to change a few minds

Dr. Katie Rothwell is a Naturopathic Doctor and clinic owner in Barrie, Ontario Canada. She is a speaker, educator, and recognized thyroid authority among her peers. As a clinician, Dr. Rothwell uses her signature framework and a practical down-to-earth approach to help her patients navigate the confusing world of thyroid health. As an educator, she is fiercely passionate about providing accurate, evidence-based thyroid education to health professionals. She is the founder and CEO of The Thyroid Academy, a revolutionary educational platform for both practitioners and patients. She is also a medical advisor, lectures regularly to her ND colleagues, and provides consulting services across North America.

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