Badlion Client's fall from grace


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Badlion was first created in 2014 by a player of Minecraft named Archybot as a player-vs-player multiplayer server for Minecraft: Java Edition players. The server was successful, but due to funding issues and other development roadblocks, it was forced to shut down in 2016. It then transitioned into a competitive client with anti-cheat features in partnership with the e-sports organisation ESL, which had invested in the project in exchange for ownership. Following this change, Archybot left the project in 2018, but he completely disappeared from the internet in April 2019 as a result of a successful catfish attempt by YouTuber @ezz_james, in which he visited the YouTuber under the impression that it was a real minor and sparked a significant uproar regarding the morals of the staff team.

Following several pieces of evidence made public between January and August 2020 that implicated marketing manager Tenebrous and owner/co-founder MasterGBerry in the same actions as the client's previous owner and founder, including one with photographic evidence of nudity sent to then-14-year-old YouTuber Angelicat (now a Badlion partner), the stigma attached to the client's staff only got worse.

Tenebrous had his Badlion partnership dissolved, but MasterGBerry controversially received a promotion to a new position in ESL early in 2021. This move was applauded by many, but it was also despised by many, particularly because those who questioned it faced several legal threats. Due to the stigma as well as other factors, such as superior server performance, competitor Lunar Client's popularity has surged in 2022.

Ginie1, the current project manager for Badlion, is from Canada and is well-liked, however as client advancements become less frequent, the client steadily loses more players daily. The entire sequence of events is covered in this recodedpixels video, which also adds new information to the original 2020 presentation that ESL's legal team removed for "privacy infringement" even though all the information is still available to the public.

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