What Groomers Wish You Knew About Your Doodle: From brushing, styles, & bathing to matts and shaving


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From Teddy Bear Cut, Puppy Cut, to Don't Poodle My Doodle, Corinne The Doodle Pro™ covers these and more as she interviews grooming industry expert River Lee and asks all of the questions doodle parents have about grooming. River pulls the curtain back and invites listeners into the grooming salon back room to hear what groomers and the industry are experiencing. Corinne and River both want the best for our dogs and use this time to bridge the gap and create more understanding.
Want to know how to brush the RIGHT way before your next grooming appointment? Catch Episode #6 on How to Brush Your Doodle.
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Highlights include:

  • Why does grooming cost so much (and is about to cost much more)?
  • Why is there a grooming shortage leaving appointments harder to get?
  • How often should your doodle get groomed?
  • Why do groomers shave doodle's coats?
  • How can you prepare your doodle to have a good experience at the groomers?
  • What are doodle parents doing that is driving groomers crazy?

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