EP 37 Do We Only Get One Life, or Is Reincarnation a Cycle?


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This week we will be hearing from Bill! Bill is a Bible literalist and a Christian fundamentalist. Bill and I talk about whether or not this life is a one-and-done shot, or if we are part of a bigger cycle. Are we all sinners? Will we be forced to go to paradise or the firey pit? What is a sin? Who judges us? listen to this episode to hear our (completely opposite) takes on these subjects and more. Case of James Lininger: https://med.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/wp-content/uploads/sites/360/2017/04/REI42-Tucker-James-LeiningerPIIS1550830716000331.pdf Follow Bill on Spotify and Youtube! https://open.spotify.com/artist/0PqZIu21YjfUj5bszeftLT?si=tNS1pAsSTHS5cek2W6Lluw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjqAQt4V5pys93wEjmioUxQ Share the podcast! Use my link tree below to follow me, and listen on your favorite platforms, and don't forget to share the show with LITERALLY all of your friends, family, pets, grandparents, and anyone else you can think of. Don't forget to leave a great rating and review in Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you are listening! Thank you all so much for the support. https://linktr.ee/theregressionsession #pastliferegression #reincarnation #pastlives #chakras #reiki #healing

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