Purposeful Investing and Leadership with Kevin McAllister


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In this episode of Your Pets, Our Pets podcast, Scott Buttz, President & Chief Operating Officer of Regency Pet, speaks with Kevin McAllister, Founder and Managing Partner of Access Holdings.

Kevin founded Access Holding in 2013 and has more than 20 years of private equity experience. He manages and oversees all firm activities. Prior to Access Holdings, he was with Sterling Partners, where he was a member of the investment committee. Kevin also served at American Capital, JP Morgan, Accenture and AT Kerney as an M&A (mergers and acquisitions) banker and strategic consultant respectively.

Kevin shares more about his journey to Access Holdings. He also discusses why culture is important to have at Access Holding and how he builds that culture. Listen as he defines what is a leader and his approach to M&A and buy and build.


  • Kevin’s journey with Access Holdings
  • Why it’s important to have culture at Access Holdings and how Kevin builds that culture
  • How Kevin defines a leader
  • His approach to M&A and how he defines high velocity buy and build
  • Why you should be purposeful with your work and move towards it all the time


  • “And that’s part of the journey for us at Access Holdings, which is sitting down with entrepreneurs and not saying, ‘Hey, I want to buy your business,’ but ‘Where do you see an opportunity in the market? Where do you see the challenges? What would you do if you had a clean sheet of white paper and unlimited capital resources or some experts around digital capabilities.’ So it gives us tremendous pleasure to sit down with folks and help them realize on their potential envision.” -Kevin McAllister [06:17]
  • “It’s one thing to just be unsatisfied. It’s another to be positively discontent with where you are. You just know you can do more.” -Scott Buttz [11:30]
  • “Continue to lack any contemptment. Keep on reaching. Keep on aspiring to do better.” -Kevin McAllister [20:54]
  • “You take good care of your employees, Scott. They’re going to take good care of your customers. And us investors will be just fine if you do those things.” -Kevin McAllister [23:16]


  • [00:01] Intro
  • [00:39] Meet Kevin McAllister
  • [03:47] Does Kevin have pets?
  • [04:09] His journey with Access Holdings
  • [07:11] How he builds culture
  • [10:29] Command climate
  • [12:37] How Kevin defines a leader
  • [15:34] His approach to buy and build and M&A
  • [20:04] Be purposeful
  • [22:46] Kevin’s advice for Regency
  • [23:29] Lighting round
  • [27:34] Outro



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