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Normalizing Alt Lifestyles// Sex Positive// Have the conversation with us Named in tribute for a character in the Kurt Vonnegut novel Breakfast of Champions. Broken-Tailed Dog's host Comedian/Actor Josh Accardo talks about his own Alternative Lifestyle as a traveling performer with other performers from all over the entertainment industry.
Year Round Carnival brought to you by Vince Accardi And Racetrack Ralphy. After two decades heavily involved in the AFL and horse-racing media, through The Footy Show, Sunday Footy Show, Triple M, 3AW, ABC, SEN and RSN, Vince Accardi And Racetrack Ralphy have transitioned into full time analysis of Victorian racing through this service — and the "Racetrack Ralphy"
The latest research and opinion from ACCA’s Professional Insights. We explore the big issues impacting business, the accountancy profession and the evolving world of work. From technology to talent management, our subject matter experts and guests discuss good practice from across industries to help you stay ahead in business and your career.
Join ACCA's Middle East team as they "chat" all things Accounting and more! Join Fazeela Gopalani, head of ACCA Middle East, as she talks all things Finance Profession and more, with leading figures from across the Middle East. Join Taher Kapasi, Regional Education Manager on ACCA "ME" Talks - Student Focus, as he talks all things Students, Study and more, with leading learning partners, technical experts and axamaniers all to aid student progression.
This is a show for all those who love medicine but have grown weary of this vast boondoggle called the health care system. We produce an episode once a week and we regularly bring in guests that we put on the hot seat. We discuss current topics in medical science, policy, economics, and ethics, always with an eye toward safeguarding the doctor-patient relationship. We bring fresh, provocative insights that resonate with physicians in the trenches who are determined not to let their passion f ...
Sono un criminologo e mi occupo di Storie. Le storie contenute nei mei fascicoli (criminologo forense). Le storie di docuserie, fiction e cinema (consulente di sceneggiatura). Ospiti, interviste, corsi gratuiti, approfondimenti e tanto, tanto altro... Uno spazio coraggioso e arrembante! Iscriviti a questo canale per non perdere nessun contenuto, seguimi per provare l'esperienza di una vera e propria: Accademia Pirata di Criminologia, un laboratorio di Criminologia a 360 gradi. Buon Ascolto
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If you have the choice as to whether to sit your exams in the comfort of your own home - or at an exam centre - then it should be an informed choice that works for you. It is important to make an informed choice. So I am joined by my colleague Ben Wilson to discuss this. We reveal our personal preferences and the results of a LinkedIn poll of nearl…
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