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In this episode I am talking with Nurse, Dietician and Counselor Vanessa Miller about our relationship with food, what we can teach and model to our children and how to develop a dialogue and and routine around healthy eating habits in our families.Kirjoittanut Melanie Shenstone
In this episode I talk with Erin Perkins from the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy about all of the wonderful programs in our community that help with supplying families with food. We also talk about different strategies that will help you grow your own food and budget so that you can get the food that your families needs when things are tight.…
In the final episode Dr Sean Larsen talks about the effects of marijuana and caffeine with regards to teen anxiety. How avoidance is harmful, but how parents can help their children to face their fears, and how good sleep, a healthy diet and breathing practices can really benefit balancing anxiety.Kirjoittanut Melanie Shenstone
In this episode Dr Sean Larsen talks about the fight flight freeze response, what this looks like in everyday life and how anger, fear and anxiety interact. We also talk about different childhood anxieties surrounding sleep and start to discuss ways to help children through anxiety.Kirjoittanut Melanie Shenstone
Will Smith, Chris Rock, Jada Picket, Oscars - This is a great leaning opportunity with regards to understanding Anger management and its affect on traumatized black men... Share, Like, and Subscribe to my youtube channel! YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Larry…
In this episode we are talking with Boundary Family Services' Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician and Sexual Assault Intervention worker Vanessa Miller about safely talking to our children about sexuality at all stages and ages.Kirjoittanut Melanie Shenstone
Boundary Family Services new podcast Riding The Waves Of Life is up and running! Check out our introductory episode, where you can hear what this podcast is going to offer families in our community, and maybe if you are lucky, win a prize!Kirjoittanut Melanie Shenstone
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