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NLP Highlights

NLP Highlights

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the NLP highlights podcast, where we invite researchers to talk about their work in various areas in natural language processing. The hosts are the members of the AllenNLP team at Allen Institute for AI. All views expressed belong to the hosts and guests and do not represent their employers.
Subscribe to 'OTB Highlights' for the very best podcasts from Off The Ball and OTB Sports. You'll get a selection of the very best and most interesting interviews and features from the world of sports. There's your daily dose from the OTB Brief, snippets from OTB AM and the best interviews from the Off The Ball show. For more specific content or other podcasts from OTB - it's worth checking out OTB Football, OTB Rugby, OTB AM and much more!
Hometown Highlights

Hometown Highlights

Dominic Frey & Ryan Pessell

Hometown Highlights brings attention to professionals, business owners, and community members to highlight their stories. Dominic Frey & Ryan Pessell interview individuals with a special story to share. Their goal is to provide a platform for unique and fun conversations of telling these experiences of individuals, businesses and community events.
Interviews, Highlights, and Archive content from Jesse Lee Peterson (DIFFERENT from the Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show podcast) Jesse's daily show M-F 6-9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773 - "Uniting the Races with Truth Instead of Dividing Them with Lies" http://jesseleepeterson.com @JesseLeePeterson is founder of BOND @RebuildingtheMan - "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man" http://rebuildingtheman.com
Weekly highlights from TF Metals Report’s daily podcast. The TF Metals Report Podcast is an educational podcast investigating the world of gold, silver, commodities, and currencies. New podcasts are published almost daily on TFmetalsreport.com while special Access-to-Access (A2A) interviews with leading experts come out usually once a week. Take a listen to this weeks highlights and learn how these topics will impact our economy and monetary policies in both the near and long-term!
CBC Radio host Sheryl MacKay meets creative people from all around the province. Hear about their passions and inspirations. You'll visit artists and in their studios, musicians and performers backstage, writers at their keyboards and chefs at the cooktop. There's great conversation and a lot of laughs too waiting for you every weekend on North by Northwest.
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Mike opens the show reacting to last night’s game, and expressing how he does not think Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts are good enough to be a NFL Coach and QB (00;00-13:20). Taryn Hatcher joins the show to discuss the Flyers ahead of their season opener (13:30-22:20). Brian Westbrook joins to react to the Eagles loss (22:30-END)…
S'mae... Dych chi'n gwrando ar Pigion - podlediad wythnosol Radio Cymru i'r rhai sy'n dysgu ac sydd wedi dysgu Cymraeg. Tomos Morse dw i, ac i ddechrau'r wythnos yma …” SIWRNA SIONEDSiwrna Sioned, sef rhaglen arbennig am ferch arbennig o Lanrug ger Caernarfon. Cafodd Sioned Roberts ddiagnosis o’r clefyd Motor Neurone yn 2006. Mae hi am ddefnyddio p…
Think of Australian bushrangers and Captain Thunderbolt, Ned Kelly, Captain Moonlite and the subject of today’s Crime File, Ben Hall, come to mind. Ben Hall was born near Forbes in western NSW on 9 May 1837, to ex-convict parents Elizabeth Sommers and Benjamin Hall. Raised to work on the land, in his youth Ben worked as a stockman for ex-convict Jo…
As provincial vaccine mandates for healthcare workers loom, some hospitals worry about staff shortages. We speak with Zubin Austin of the University of Toronto about the potential impacts on the sector. Benny Powell shares his thoughts on the loss of Marc Russell and Joey Jenkins, and reads a poem he wrote about the two fishermen who went missing n…
We had our first taste of winter this week and people are sleeping outside in tents in the capital city. What is the ministry of Social Services doing about that? Leader Post columnist Murray Mandryk and CBC Saskatchewan provincial affairs reporter Adam Hunter join host Stefani Langenegger to discuss.…
On today's show: why you should care about your school trustee, even if you don't have kids or they're all grown up! We speak to two retiring trustees; we hear why the Calgary Humane Society has too many critters and not enough space; the Calgary Flames play their first game of the season tomorrow night. We talk hockey with Sportsnet's Eric Francis…
This week we hear from a woman who wants her home care workers vaccinated against COVID-19, Sudbury City Council discuss the encampments of homeless people in the city, we learn of an invasive species called the jumping earthworm, and we preview the Blind River Witches Dance.
​Grand Falls is considered a hot spot for COVID cases​, ​and tomorrow rapid tests will be handed out to anyone who wants them.​ ​Jeanne Armstrong talks to Mayor​​ ​Marcel Deschenes​ to find out what else the town needs as it heads into week two of circuit breaker restrictions​.​
A taxing problem... hear about an investigation in Richmond County that found more than 13 hundred properties NOT on the tax roll, but officials say only a small number are actually taxable. Michael Diggdon is Richmond County's Deputy Warden. Lloyd MacLeod is senior manager with the Property Valuation Services Corporation.…
Jeremie Saunders who's now 33 and has Cystic Fibrosis talks about being elated that the drug Trikafta has been funded in NS and also NB. He says it'll likely extend his life. We hear your feedback on changes in the workforce. And on the phone-in: Jim White on painting & staining
8,084 kes Covid-19 baharu di Malaysia 2 daripada 17 kluster kes Covid-19 adalah punca dari kes indeks kanak-kanak Polis akan buat pemeriksaan lebih teliti sijil vaksin Covid-19 Bapa rogol anak kandung dan menyeksa isterinya Indonesia 'buka pintu' kepada pelancong 19 negara Kebakaran di Taiwan ragut 46 nyawa Malaysia, Indonesia berentap di suku akhi…
The crew questions cancel culture. Is it a minority effort, or does the majority actively participate in the culture? They also weigh in on the Jon Gruden situation and its relation to cancel culture. Tune in to hear the crew's point of view! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Kirjoittanut Dick Broadcasting
Monday's election isn't a straightforward one. You'll be given a ballot where you're asked to vote for senators, about daylight saving time, and the role of equalization in the constitution. Got what you need? We help explain what's being asked and what's at stake. We're joined by Globe and Mail reporter Kelly Cryderman, and Macleans correspondent …
Using the helpers from usethis for pull request workflows, 2021 New York R conference videos now available, and the origins of the newly released ggalignment package for D&D inspired alignments. Plus, a new era of the podcast begins with our new co-host Mike Thomas! Episode Links This week's curator: Eric Nantz (@theRcast) Welcome our brand new co-…
New episode with Alex Pessell discussing his education and community involvement. The Arcadia High School graduate went to Trine University for a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After being heavily involved with athletics as a Redskin, he started focusing more on academics and other campus involvement. He spent his time wisely in college and now …
Austin was a laid-back college town in the 1980s when a student at the University of Texas named Michael Dell began selling computers from his dorm room. At the time, Texas’s capital city was perhaps known more for high hats than high-tech. But the company Dell started would become the world’s largest PC maker and attracted a slew of talent that tu…
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