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Programmer's Notes

Programmer's Notes

Programmer's Notes

Programmer's Notes is a podcast where programming tools, languages, and the like are thoroughly explained. By the end of each episode listeners should have a solid base on the episode topic and have the required knowledge to start using the discussed tool, language, or the like. Please feel free to contact us with questions or episode requests at, requests will help us get more content out there.
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In a system design interview, you will be asked to design a complex system, such as a website, mobile app, or network infrastructure. The interviewer will evaluate your ability to decompose the problem into smaller subproblems, make trade-offs between different design decisions, and consider the scalability and performance of the final solution. Th…
In Apache Spark, you can cache a DataFrame in memory using the cache() or persist() method. The cache() method is a shorthand for persist() with the default storage level of MEMORY_ONLY. You can use the persist() method to specify a different storage level if desired, such as MEMORY_AND_DISK or MEMORY_ONLY_SER.…
The n-queens problem is a well-known problem in computer science and mathematics that involves placing n chess queens on a n x n chessboard such that no two queens are able to attack each other. This means that no two queens can be placed on the same row, column, or diagonal. The problem can be generalized to other chess pieces, such as the n-rooks…
The idea that increased autonomy and privilege for software engineers can only come when we have better confidence that software engineers are working in the best interests of society. Mike Klimek‚ÄĒModern Software Development Gergely Orosz: What Silicon Valley ‚ÄúGets‚ÄĚ about ‚Ķ Continue reading ‚ÜíKirjoittanut Graham Lee
ūüďö Book - - "Terraform: Up & Running: Writing Infrastructure as Code" Terraform init will download all the dependencies needed by the terraform project like when you have a clean maven project, and running almost any mvn command will pull down the dependencies. tags in terraform helps you set the additional tag properties of ‚Ķ
With terraform we can use variables for example an integer which is defined as a number or a string or a list of strings and then we can reference these variables further down in the code in order to reuse them you can also output variables to the screen and we could also ask the customer to input interactively variable values into the console In t…
Terraform main operations such as init plan apply and destroy and the state file telephone is a infrastructure as code tool a command line to help us create infrastructure with standard adjacent files and then run telephone apply in order to actually create this infrastructure either in AWS cloud or Google cloud or azure cloud or any other cloud pr…
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