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Real History with Melissa Podcast (.rss Format)

Real History with Melissa Podcast (.rss Format)

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The "Real History" with Melissa podcast seeks to uncover what really happened in the past, the real history, as opposed to the authorized his-stories. Melissa interviews listeners of the late Alan Watt (the one behind, asking them about their experiences, thoughts, and observations because shared oral history is an essential way to discover and preserve who we are. Episodes will often include testimonials of the positive impact that discovering the talks of Alan ...


Kang Rekam Siaran Surya/Molan

Podcast RSSM (Rekaman Siaran Surya/Molan) Rekaman-rekaman Siaran Surya - Gofar GMHR Hardrock FM dan Molan - Jodi Joki 3 in 1 DISCLAIMER : Rekaman ini tidak dimonetisasi / mendapatkan keuntungan, kami hanya ingin mengabadikan siaran2 dari Surya dan Molan untuk kepuasan warga penggemar Surya Molan
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"Vājprāts! Vājprāts ir tas, kas mani saista. Ja paskaitīsim, ļoti daudzas manas izrādes ir par vājprātu. Bet man nav bail, jo es tajā orientējos," raidījumā "Šņorbēniņi" sarunas gaitā smaida teātra un kino režisors, arī studentu iemīļotais pedagogs Pēteris Krilovs. Uz teātra zinātnieces Ievas Strukas jautājumu, vai ar saprātu var orientēties vājprā…
Haos semiradiofonic de umor și viață, cu Iulian Tănase, Constantin Bojog, Remus Boldea și Mihai Laurențiu Fuiorea Support the show Support the show…
A new MP3 sermon from Liberty Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: An Overseeing Shepherd Subtitle: 1st Peter Speaker: Mack Tester Broadcaster: Liberty Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 3/5/2023 Bible: 1 Peter 5:1-4; Hebrews 13:17 Length: 48 min.
A new MP3 sermon from Reformation Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: The Truth About the 2023 Banking Crisis Subtitle: The Conquering Truth Speaker: Various Speakers Broadcaster: Reformation Baptist Church Event: Podcast Date: 3/24/2023 Length: 59 min.
A German unit of Italy’s UniCredit was wrong to withhold $68m (€63m) in payment guarantees owed to Irish units of Dublin-based aircraft leasing giant AerCap by insisting that to do so would have breached sanctions imposed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the High Court in London has ruled.
A new MP3 sermon from Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: 55 The Morning Devotional: WCF 9.3 Subtitle: 08 Westminster Confession Speaker: William F. Hill, Jr. Broadcaster: Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) Event: Devotional Date: 3/24/2023 Bible: Romans 8:7-8; John 3:1-15 Length…
--{ "Ep. 10 Henry's Log Home"}--Henry from Tennessee, USA - Things that Didn't Make Sense; Henry's Search for Truth - Entry into World War II, Vietnam War, Cold War with Russia - Religion, Son of aPreacher, Rockefeller's Influence on Churches, Scofield Bible - Finding Alan Watt and Cutting Through the Matrix on RBN, John Stadtmiller - Favorite Scho…
Arkane Studios, best known for creating the acclaimed stealth series Dishonored, has made a name for itself by realizing game worlds with rich lore, environmental storytelling, and curious, interweaving levels. Its specialty is developing immersive sims, a niche it’s helped cultivate since 1999. On May 2, Arkane releases its next project, Redfall, …
Сегодня в подкасте: Фавориты – не фавориты? Кто выиграет от группировки? Почему вылетел Арсенал Какие идеальные финалыKirjoittanut
How do we begin to rectify our failing public infrastructure? Loadshedding, potholes, public safety and public transport issues are just the tip of the iceberg. This conversation between our host, Ntombini Marrengane and Jodi Allemeier, urban development specialist and activist, couldn’t come at a better time. With a predicted 70% of the world’s po…
On this EGGellent EGGpisode of the SEGGA Talk Podcast we will dive YOLK first into Elemental Gimmick Gear, a unique action RPG by a small unknown developer named Birthday. We will look at how a small egg model became a full blown Dreamcast cult classic! [iTunes – Stitcher – YouTube – RSS – Download] Support us on Patreon! Get early access, have you…
Wayne Shorter Quartet, Beyond the Sound Barrier, Verve, 2005 : As far as the eye can see Hubert Dupont/Tosha Vukmirovic/Youssef Hbeisch, Trio Aurore, Ultrabolic, 2022 : Samarcande No Tongues, Ici, Carton Records, 2022 : Parrandada de entroido do canizo Satoko Fuj Otomo Yoshihide, Perpetual Motion, Ayler Records, 2023 : Perpetual Motion I [extrait] …
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