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The Roanoke Times

Ashley White took a nap in 2015, leaving her children alone. When her 5-year-old son Noah is found dead in the family’s septic tank, the backlash was stronger than anyone could have imagined.
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Jenny and Margaret welcome you to Episode 20, aka Season 1 Finale (it only took 4 years to get here)! Listen as they talk about basic bitch shit, like Fall & Halloween and then get ready to hear them talk about fried chicken sandwiches, smash burgers, bread (and Marc Maron), gnocchi and more! As we close out Season 1, we want to thank our audience …
Jenny gives us an update on her cat's constipation, Margaret takes us back to the OG 9/11 as random stories are strewn throughout this sloppy mess of an episode. Learn more about the ladies of the podcast (including if one of them is into the incest "subplot" in House of the Dragon) and be sure to check out Instagram to participate in a new and exc…
Jenny and Margaret discuss slowing down in life and how that caused a turtle’s unfortunate death. The team taste tests a random seltzer flavor, runners trots are explained as well as the latest gossip over a new Hollywood movie that doesn’t actually matter. Food fetishes are brought to life alongside tales of gyno visits and a hatred of Billy Joel …
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