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Australian Cryptozoology. Yowies ( Bigfoot / Sasquatch ), Bunyips and other Australian cryptid creatures. - Subscribers Yowie sightings and encounters. - First historical Yowie reports from 1700s. - My encounters with a Yowie at Limpinwood NSW Australia and my search for the Bribie Island Yowie. - Thylacine, Thylacoleo and Big Cat sightings, subscribers sightings , my sightings and historical sightings. - Subscribers and historical UFO sightings. - Historical Bunyip and other Creature sighti ...
Keryn and Matt delve into the dark places of the world to discover the legends, old and new, that have driven society since ancient times. Listen as they talk shit about cryptids large, small, terrifying and delightful and make them verse each other in the ultimate battle of the beasts.
Yowie Podcast

Yowie Podcast


Justintertainment presents a story of desperation and suspense. A 5-chapter auditory thrill-ride of intrigue and mystery that unravels fact from fiction in the exploration of truth amid a world of monsters and men. A desperate man's fight to prove his innocence in the wake of his family's mysterious disappearance in the Grampians National Park. A punishing search for truth and identity amid an unending tangle of twists, turns and lies. 'Yowie' is an emotionally escalating podcast mini-series ...
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