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Method Matters

Method Matters

Method Matters

Join Femi Jaye, Daniel Ayo, Raging Rouge and Jack for their monthly insights on the gaming industry while living in the lion's den that is London. Expect thought-provoking, heated debates with 4 creatives in their 20's stuck in a room with no air-con!
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Join us as John Sadler describes the beneficial uses of Agilent Technologies. Agilent Technologies is a company that creates equipment and peripherals to help them measure the quality and purity of the items we depend on to live a modern life. John leads the only software program at the company, ensuring the user experience is smooth and accessible…
Alan Boucher is the Director of IT for Software Product and Development and Architecture at IDEXX. IDEXX serves its veterinary customers on two business platforms; diagnostics business and reference lab business. As we unravel how they serve their clients, we see just how complex their platform is, serving the needs of veterinarians, farmers, and o…
Here at Gistia, we live and breath our method. To show our confidence, we have rebranded Tech People so that methods are at the forefront of our conversations. We will continue to reach out to tech practitioners in a similar fashion but have now expanded our platform to include conversations with internal team members and previous guests. Tune in f…
Doug Wendel joins us to discuss ArcherDx, a pioneer developer of genetic and molecular laboratory technology. During this episode we hear a touching story of how the technology at ArcherDx helped doctors to make a medical suggestion, extending the life of a young girl with cancer. Though the technology has not created a cure, this revolutionary mom…
Blake Thomas didn’t always know he would end up in technology. In fact, he had gone into finance as a college student only to discover that what he loved most about his studies was his side job, working in a computer science lab. After college, Blake started working in the tech industry. Soon, he realized that what was missing from this work was li…
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