When To Use Manual CPC Bidding Strategy?


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I'm going to show you when you should use a manual CPC bidding strategy. Google Ads is designed to automatically optimize your campaigns and help you get the best results for your budget. So, what's the point of manual bidding?

When should we use manual CPC? Whenever you want. Really? With manual CPC, with the way the algorithm and the AI is, why do all the heavy lifting? It will, from time to time give you a crazy cost per click. But overall it has got a lot more data points that this person is likely to convert or not. All we look at as humans is that bid we only have one data point to look at, which is how much are we bidding. $1, $5, $10? Whereas smart bidding has got thousands, tens of thousands of data points looking at and they are going to bid more aggressively if Google thinks that that person is likely to convert and bid less aggressively if they think they are not likely to convert.

And you can use both as well and try it out. Quite often we will run a manual campaign as well as a target CPA running side by side and see which one is performing best. And as always, I'm going to say, look, test it out. I know everybody says the same thing, but they say it for a reason, that you got to run it, you got to spend some money. You will feel that it's wasting money, but it's not. It's because then you are satisfied, you know, that you've tried it and it didn't work. I'm going to try something different.

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