CvP 10G Christians v Pharisees: Choosing Sides And How To Fight For Them In The Mormon Civil War EPISODE 10G - FOUNDATIONS OF THE RESTORATION OF RACISM


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As we conclude the Bradgate Episodes 10 series things get truly crazy. Imagine if despite the Church officially disavowing all racism in and out of the Church, past and present, in its 2012 statement and 2013 Race and the Priesthood Gospel Topics Essay, and everything President Nelson has been saying to the Mormons and the NAACP about moving on from every trace of the Church's racist past, and Brad Wilcox being vilified and appearing to be publicly corrected by Ahmad Corbitt, his black fellow Young Men General Presidency counsellor, for saying the 126 years of racist segregation didn't count for much and asking why it happened is “asking the wrong question”.... they don't actually mean ANY of it.

What if in reality the First Presidency are teaching that the racist ban on anyone with a single black African ancestor being ordained to the priesthood or allowed to receive temple ordinances WAS God's commandment all along? What if Ahmad Corbitt is quoted front and centre in the current Institute curriculum saying exactly the same things that Brad did about the racism, and much worse? What if that same curriculum and same First Presidency have admitted that LDS prophets make up their own inaccurate nonsense and teach it as doctrine so often they should just stop even trying to explain or justify ANY of their commandments.... but we should all still
unconditionally obey them anyway?
You REALLY couldn't make it up. It's back to the future for LDS racism. It’s back to the future for “When the Prophet speaks, the thinking has been done.” It's all more whackadoodle than even I suspected... and my expectations are astonishingly low!

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