ūüĒĎ Ultimate CityPlace Condo for Sale!


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Imagine having the chance to secure a piece of the Toronto skyline for under $600k? This is your rare opportunity to own a condo in the heart of downtown Toronto that has a very unique benefit to other condos. As a 2nd floor unit, you have the option of using stairs OR elevators on a daily basis. Those who live on the high floors of a condo may feel like they have a better unit, they are stuck if they elevators are not working. Also, its a lot tougher for EMS, Police and Fire to get there the higher you are. This is the reason you need to consider this space. For more info, email me at paul.indrigo@c21.ca or have your realtor connect with me. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/torontorealestate/message

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