12: Can fashion be sustainable? Interview with Dan Leahy - CEO of MakersSights.


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This exciting episode features Dan Lehim, Co-founder and CEO of MakerSights, an inventory optimization tool with the aim to reduce overproduction by integrating consumer feedback in the design process. Their customers include New Balance, Champion, and Rothys.
Fashion is responsible for 8-10% of the global carbon emissions and almost up to 40% of clothes fail to sell in a season.
Is it possible to fix the fashion industry? This is one of the key questions which is addressed in this episode!
In this episode we are addressing the following questions:

  • So can the fashion industry be fixed? If yes how? 3:17
  • What do you see as necessary drivers for change in the fashion industry? 7:26
  • Is it just a perception, or are consumers really buying more in the sustainability space? 12:51
  • Coming now to MakerSights - Can you please explain in 2-3 sentences what markersights product is? Can you please explain the vision and how you want to achieve it? 16:54
  • Are you already operating in Europe? 27:53
  • Have you started off as a sustainable company or did it come along the way? 28:27
  • What are you doing as a company itself to be more sustainable? 31:06
  • You received 25m in funding last year in Series B- congratulations! What is the biggest challenge in the next year to scale your company? 35:06
  • How do you continue to learn in order to stay on top of things within your role? 38:07
  • Do you have a book recommendation? 39:53

Great quotes from the episode by Dan:

"84% of the CO2 emissions from the retail industry comes from the production of new goods, so if you are not tackling that as part of the problem, then you are kind of tackling a rounding error"

"At the end of the day, if you have a capsule collection that represents 0.1% of your total inventory that's being built of sustainable materials, it's not moving the needle. What's moving the needle is the other 99.9% of your inventory."

"More people care about the sustainability commitments of brands they are purchasing from than ever before"

"We want to allow brands and retail to be much more demand and consumer led than they are supply led so they can be commercially successful while minimizing their footprint"

Please check out show notes and background information: www.sustainnow.ch
Ideas for a podcast episode? Please contact us here: fvw@forestrock.ch

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