Orphan Black, S04E06- The Scandal Of Altruism


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Wow. So this is an episode and a half, huh? What a brutal series of events, and what a nasty twist! I pretty much spend the first ten minutes of the show railing about how much I hate Evie, because that tricksy bitch is just evil and I want SOMEONE, anyone, to take her down please.
The emotional punch at the end of this episode is really surprising to me because we've been given such a short amount of time to get to know Kendall so I wouldn't really have expected to care about losing her as much as I did. But the old bag was really loveable despite (or maybe because of) her attitude, and I know that Siobhan is going to be a wreck over this. Plus this is when Cosima finds out that Delphine was shot to death, so we're going to have two major player deeply grieving over the next however many episodes. And grieving people do crazy things.
Plus there's the whole little side plot with Krystal walking right into the police station where Art and Duko are, which was a delightful little wrench to throw into the works. I love that Fe and Sarah decide that rather than tell Krystal just what's going on, they instead opt to lean into the crazy theory Krystal has developed about the cosmetics companies. I understand their stance on Krystal and why they don't want to tell her anything, but I have to say that it seems pretty inevitable that she'll eventually figure it out. It just remains to me seen how that will happen.
Anyway, thanks so much for listening and I will see you next week with a new episode!

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