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Parhaat löytämämme podcastit aiheesta Music (päivitetty Heinäkuu 2020)
Parhaat löytämämme podcastit aiheesta Music
Päivitetty Heinäkuu 2020
People say that music is the world's universal language through which artists express different emotions and relay powerful messages to listeners. Listening to podcasts enables you to follow your favorite music shows on your way home, at work, while walking in the park, even in the farthest breathtaking regions deprived of Internet connectivity. The podcasts listed in this catalog cover all genres, ranging from classic to rock, from blues to pop. Some of the podcasts listed in the catalog discuss about the latest charts, the hottest music news and cover musical events as well as new music discoveries and conversations with emerging artists, icons. Also, there are shows where musicians dissect their songs and analyse them verse by verse, telling the story behind how they were made as well as the ideas that went through their minds in the process of writing and recording. Other podcasts reveal genuine chunks of the personal lives of authors, told by their associates or themselves.
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