PODIUM - Spiritual Truths Behind Elite Sports Performance


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Denise is the former Scotland National Coach for Netball, and the founder of the business Class Performance – Excellence Within. She has over 30 years of experience in performance sport as an athlete, selector, mentor, performance director, and, more recently, as a national coach. Her highlight was leading the Scottish Thistles, via 46 International CAPS from World Ranking 17th to 12th to qualify for the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow 2014. This podcast series is for sportspeople, male and female, working at all levels, local, performance, and professional. Denise guides sportspeople towards leading a happy, healthy, high-performance, and fulfilling lives. About Denise I loved being at the cutting edge of the intricacies of human performance, but did I know how to get the best out of athletes and coaches, especially during high-pressure situations? After 30 years, I am honest enough to say, 'no,' I did not. How can we know what athletes are up against inside their minds? Players want that feeling of performing their skills automatically and freely, but very few experiences this so-called 'flow' state readily. As coaches, how feasible is it that we can help people to mitigate their head noise such that they produce performances with ease and joy! We talk about resilience and inner strength as an attribute of elite performers, but what if these are just words to describe something that is not so much attainable but innate to all human beings? Interesting questions, which hardly ever get answered, until now! Hence my inspiration to produce this podcast series. As a Human Performance & Wellbeing Consultant, I help people in all fields to engineer sustainable change in every part of their lives, not just sport, relationships, mental health, well-being, career, education, and business. Many people suffer from the content of their mind, overwhelm, lack of confidence, and frustration, examples that lead to stress, and under-achievement. The sad thing is, you believe you have to cope, and put up with low moods, not enjoying life. You know what you want to feel and achieve in life, but rarely get to live and perform from a state of peace, contentment, and fulfillment. Traditionally, there are many modalities, i.e., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT) Hypno-therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology, and even Mindfulness, all designed to help people lead high-performance and fulfilling lives. These are all very familiar to me, at best, I experienced short term change, and, at worst, I wouldn't be able to apply the techniques consistently, and before long I'd be back into old habits! Transformative Conversations are tricky to explain because how do you explain how 'insight' works? It's like getting a joke, at some point, a light-bulb moment, and you've got it and your whole perspective changes. That's it! No point in me trying to describe the unexplainable, no words can do that, it just works! The human mind and body are an incredible genius creation. We often end up feeling the victim of circumstances, blaming others for the way we think and feel, but what if this is an innocent misunderstanding of how the human mind works. Are you really at the mercy of others and outside factors for the way you experience life?

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